I smile just a little when the term “equality for women” comes up, for I know already that I am equal and in fact I do things that no man could; damn, I can see things that men are constantly trying to understand. So why would I want to seek equality?


My wish is not to offend any of the “feminist” in the crowd; in fact, when you have finished reading this, I may have overtly offended some men. So to clarify first; if I am CEO of a company and do the same work, I expect as a woman to be paid the same just as I expected that a woman’s vote was just as equal to man’s vote. But I so believe that “some” have taken the equality narrative way way too far.


The battle has turned into women versus men;

when it should be



In an effort to try and equalize the playing ground, many women have resorted to: belittling men, portraying men as stupid or not as competent, or even stating men are not necessary. IF EVER I have to lower what any powerful man has become in order for me to prove my equality to him; I have then lowered the equally incredible power I actually have. I would beg of men to stay true men, even along with all their mistakes, and please continue to push for higher ground and to be better than the rest; and when I reach your level AS I KNOW I WILL, climb higher and I will reach it again.









Feeling Pride in ones accomplishments, is vastly different than HAVING Pride . . . And the difference shows.
  1. a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements,
  1. the quality of having an excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.
synonyms: arrogance, vanity, self-importance, hubris, conceit, conceitedness, self-love, self-adulation, self-admiration, narcissism, egotism, superciliousness, haughtiness, snobbery, snobbishness;


Gal 6:4 Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else.

Isaiah 2:12 The Lord Almighty has a day in store for all the proud and lofty, for all that is exalted (and they will be humbled)

James 4:10 Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.


Injustice is never right and we all should be treated equally and I encourage you to seek out those who agree and treat you as such; however, allowing pride to empower us in putting others down or to feel beneath us is not showing that you believe in equality.




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Turning the Tables



The ability to be broken and yet

harness that pain into competitive power;

while possible by both genders I believe,

boys typically toughen and power through,

while girls soften and turn to tears of nurture.


For many, it seems so very conflicting that a powerful and impactful woman could also be longsuffering and compassionate. That is unless you have been through a situation that forces a loving and forgiving woman into the most debilitating pain, without fully breaking her.


Men hurt just as much, and some say even more than women do. And due to our differences in gender makeup, societal pressures and possibly even perceived expectations; men typically also, handle pain very differently than women. (For all you feminist I may not appear to relate to right now, you can take this as “grain of salt”)  


The ability to be broken and yet

harness that pain into competitive power;

while possible by both genders I believe,

boys typically toughen and power through,

while girls soften and turn to tears of nurture.


I grew up in an atmosphere of pain; and I quickly learned that the need to ‘protect and defend’ pushed me past my tears, to a little girl who would decide to choose pain over tears. Through abuse, through punishment, through terror, I learned to suck it up and wipe away my one tear to handle what was in front of me. I became very longsuffering and patient with the pain inflicted by others. This allowed me to become powerful and impactful without ‘feeling and healing’ the pain I felt, instead I focused on impacting and changing my circumstances. This is typically what boys and men are taught and choose to do to survive and succeed in life from a young age.


Many Men turn off the “faucets” early in life and instead find strength in their

competitiveness in order to leave pain behind for success and impact.


As girls, we feeeeeeeel our hurt and soothe our own pain just as we would in nurture to others around us we see are in pain. We reach out to heal and to be healed; or with continued unhealed pain, we find a little strength in anger.   After finding my “safe place” for many years, I laid down my reach for power and resorted to that little girl full of healing and nurture again. I found that when I was faced with pain, I would reach out to bring healing to the situation; but I also had found a point of turning, where I could turn those tears into a POWER to survive.   In offering longsuffering to those from whom I felt pain I began to realize few of them had found it necessary to manage and respond to hurt effectively, and in fact saw my longsuffering and choice to not respond with tears or anger as a weakness and therefore an opportunity to exert power over me. Strategically, this is a huge mistake when in a situation with me. Let me offer warning: mistaking my longsuffering as weakness will resort to a quick move from longsuffering to empowerment by me. I do not like messes, but I am most always strategically ready to successfully “TURN THE TABLES” if necessary in order to protect my nurturing spirit from turning to anger, as well as protecting the softness of my heart from hardening.


I prefer my response to others include consideration of their emotions and reactions which are flowing from their personal disappointment or hurt, and I hope to always offer healing through longsuffering first.   But there is a place I have found in order to preserve my ability to protect and care for myself or those I love; where I can powerfully TURN THE TABLES. In fact, I believe that my choice to acknowledge another’s pain-driven outbursts is exactly what quickly and strategically gives me insight needed for success if a “turning of the tables” becomes warranted.


My ability to love FIRST AND LONG is not a weakness; but is a strength that offers “accepted healing”, or quickly turns into successful empowerment.



Offering hope and love and compassion from a soft heart is the

“Power of a Woman”,

and is my deepest desire; the ability to offer this “power” along with the recognition when shields of protection should go up, is a strategic opportunity that shows the amount of power a truly Powerful Woman has.



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I love women; oh but I looooooove real men. I had not realized how the deterioration of our genders affects our ability to court and cohabitate. God made women: Equally as Strong, Equally as Powerful, Equally as Intelligent, More Beautiful, More Vivacious, More Sexy than any man on this planet. But when it was recognized by some that the reward was not as equal or fulfilling, women began to seek change, and have successfully found it. If a woman does the same job, she should be paid the same. A woman should have the right to vote just as a man, and there are many more changes that were equaled out over time. The real problem began when the search for equality decided it needed to expose and crush men’s weaknesses to meet their objective.


There is truly no understanding of the rational to

“push another down in order to elevate yourself”

This method will most certainly backfire at some point.

Call it God’s way, or call it Karma.


I was raising my first little boy, and in an effort to fully prepare and understand him, I found myself reading a book about ‘bringing up boys’. It shared reasoning behind some of the things little boys choose, from eating worms to crashing cars and playing in the mud; and then, there was a chapter on the efforts being made to crush the strength of men. One of the ways it suggested this effort was easily recognizable: it suggested that while watching TV commercials notice how 90% of the time it will put down, make fun of, or show the stupidity of men.   And I was SHOCKED to watch in disbelief finding it to be obviously true.   Surely they must not know how this will affect our men, and our women.   It panicked me a bit, realizing the chiseling away that was happening of our good strong men. What would become of them with: weakened pride, weakened competitiveness, weakened stubbornness, weakened chivalry. For a truly strong and powerful, competitive and prideful man does not use his strengths to push down another in order to be powerful, and I did not want to remove these strengths from my boys. I did not like the result which was appearing to be very obvious to me.


I came across a post this past week that triggered this writing. A man, I do not actually know that well; wrote in a form of concern and question.   He referred to the shame and negativity hitting him from various efforts in a generalized fashion.

“I am being challenged and hated because I am white, which causes others to say that I am of white privilege.”

“I am being challenged and hated because I am a man getting privilege over equally qualified women.”

“I am being challenged and hated because I try to follow the morality taught by my religion opposed to others.”

“And I am hated and being challenged because my competitive nature encourages me to fight my way to the top.”

“I am being told and shamed into a notion that everything is wrong with me and I must conform.”     Author Unknown


STOP! PLEASE STOP.   Never will a woman become equal to a man by pushing him down. Women may become more powerful, hold higher positions, fight their way to the top; but if you do it at the expense of crushing the makeup of a good strong man, the cost would be immeasurable.   I for one, want a STRONG, POWERFUL, PRIDEFUL, COMPETITIVE MAN IN MY LIFE. One that knows how to be all these things, and bring a good woman UP to equality with him.


??                                                                                                          Is this what is happening to the weakening of the NFL; the largest group of strong, burley, men full of pride and chivalry? Being criticized for injury due to “boy play” (will our sons soon not be able to play on the playground due to fear of ‘injury’).   Or controversy being elevated to a national issue, shoving in the face of NFL men a ‘negative’ the media knows will spur manly competitiveness (instead of leaving it in the hands of the NFL Commission to rightfully resolve).


There is a force that is attempting to weaken our

trust and value in the strengths God gave each man; be aware, and

 Encourage the EQUAL difference between MAN AND WOMAN






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Wine and Stilettos copy


The older I get, the more I believe that with each person finding their own balance in all that is introduced into their lives, is what will bring them peace and happiness. Balancing things then demands a balance in the consequences that follow. Whether you need balance in how many glasses of wine you drink in a single setting, to how you handle your anger or treat someone.


Wine is good for the body and soul. And it truly helps a bit with laughter as well. Usually a problem only occurs when the balance is tipped. And as the word expresses so well, unbalanced wine and mixed drink lead to unbalanced experiences.


Proverbs 23:30-35

..for they that tarry long at the wine: they that go seek mixed wine”.

Look not thou upon the wine when it is red when it giveth his colour in the cup,

when it moveth itself aright. At the last it biteth like a serpent and stingeth like an adder. Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things.

Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea,

or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast.

They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick;

they have beaten me, and I felt it not; when shall I awake?

I will seek it yet again.


Although wine is a great example of the good, bad and ugly when there is not balance; this rule applies to any area of your life. God’s Word teaches us in this manner; to balance all things. He speaks with many parables, and shows the good as well as the bad in so many of our choices we can make.


Debate is a great balance – war is not.

Self perseverance is a necessity – selfishness demands that you fall.

A little wine is good for the belly – a lot, makes you stupid and sick


I think you get the idea. Wine is not evil, but can bring pain – and; considering your own needs and desires is a beautiful thing, however selfishness hurts us all.


Seek your own Balance while enjoying a nice glass of wine.





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One can only try to imagine.




No one could imagine the fear; or the very breath of life pounding in and out of your body as you try to be conscious and aware. I hear the noise, but I do not react until I feel the fear surround me; it is building faster and stronger with each heartbeat. Were they gunshots? It is the big question. But no, it’s impossible I think; so I ignore it as the majority of other music lovers around me are trying to do as well. Until, the wave of fear has become a wave of reality and bodies around me start to slump to the ground – in pain, in fear, and in death. I sink to my knees with fear squeezing the life out of me only to soon realize that the ground will not cover or protect me, only to realize that the cute girl I was smiling at earlier is on the ground under me as I become soaked in her blood.   I look for a hole, a place to hold and squeeze praying that the blood will stop, that she will keep breathing. I am lost in my dream and want to wake up and put the dream and fear behind me. Finally a wave of gratitude and thankfulness that I survived this horrific incident flood over me. I find a bit of strength to help her, and as our eyes meet we know we are in this together; I hold her close and begin to look around for others to share strength with.   Suddenly I notice the aerie quiet, but only because I return to shock and pain in my body and mind as I hear shots being fired again, only this time I KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT what is happening and what is soon to follow.   I freeze, I pray, I curl into a fetal position praying I survive the next few seconds or minutes. Praying and seeking forgiveness as I hope the bullets hit someone else, not me. God forgive me, maybe I do want to die.   Then it all stops, again. And I know that I do not want to die. Do I run and try to find protection? Do I try and drag this girl with me? Or do I stay and try to keep her alive risking my life as well. I am afraid, but I cannot leave, so I hold her wound tight and curl us up in a ball and hold my breath while I pray that the sound of ringing fear will not shoot into my ears again.


Help is coming. So many are gone or running away; yet so many are left who couldn’t get away and the world all the sudden seems like it is against those of us who are left in this huge open field facing off with someone somewhere out there who can see us when we can not see them. Someone who has death and destruction in the their hands and evil in their heart; waiting, for what, to reload, to laugh and seek power from our pain. We wait not knowing what will come next; but having decided in our hearts that we will remain and grip onto what hope we have just been given in order to face what comes next.


Whether the one I was holding and hoping to save, lives or dies; I know that they cannot leave me. We fought this fight together, we found love and peace together in an instant. That love cannot leave me. That love does not leave me. That love will last forever.


Each day my heart continues to pound within me between the great love I found and the fear that almost broke me. I can’t remember what all I was feeling. I can’t remember why I chose to respond. I can’t believe that I survived that feeling, that pain, that evil act by someone who never knew me. But I know without doubt, that I would survive again. I know without a doubt that I am a survivor!




Prayers and Love offered in heartfelt memory of those lost, those saved, and those who saved in the horrific Las Vegas Shooting.

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I’m getting to enjoy a few precious days with my Grandmother. A patriarch, and soon to be Angel. I will forever hold tight to the encompassing love in her eyes as she gazes upon my face with the sweetest smile to ever come across anyone’s lips; it fills my soul with hope and love to overflowing. Her beauty astounds me. Her peace warms my soul. As I hold her so very gentle hand; I realize, it was shaped by her creator and has truly allowed the Love of God to freely flow from it. So, I take in air and grasp it even tighter.


As I am returning home, I find myself reflecting and finding a very unusual and almost disturbing acceptance of the fact that I will not get to speak with or feel my Grandmothers perfectly soft skin again. I even find myself smiling a bit, feeling special because of the amazing quality time I know we shared so often. I must let her go as I know she is torn between our physical connection, our sweet touches, our lingering talks; and the recognizing of old memories with her lover of  51 years, her amazing daughter, her sisters, and all of the other loved ones she has missed. I think about why she would be so torn between this world and the next? What would make her want to stay? Is she torn between the very owhelming feelings of love she has experienced in her human heart; and the unknown she is entering, wich although welcoming is also unsure. Will she feel all of the excitement and love that is pounding in her earthly heart, or will it explode into an extreme bliss that the human heart could never have contained. I look to the heavens and I find my answer, so I let her go.




Great is our Lord. You give –

Light in the darkness,

Hope in restoration.


Father, your great hands slowed in motion and with great love and care you shaped and miraculously formed my being. You gave me your very breath and offered me opportunity to a life of my choosing. Being a good father; looking over me along the way supplying my needs and presenting guidance and support.

I am thankful. I have hope in what you have provided for me, and desire your blessing on all I do in hopes of bringing Glory directly unto you.          dona 







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Are You Even Capable of Having Your Own Opinion . . .

By Cyphering the FACTS out of the Noise, and Removing Others Opinions?



The Beautiful Truth


My Fabulous Stiletto Collection, unfortunately now more limited, has progressively become more thought provoking and time consuming as I research in depth for details beneath just the sex appeal that primarily guided my decision. I review and analyze not just the height, but the angle of that height, the thickness of support in certain areas, etc. you get the idea.


            I also find that I must aggressively apply more thought provoking time to many other areas of life – from Contracts to the News.


        Time and effort needed to first get the actual facts can keep us from being able to give an actual real opinion about them.


No longer can you have a simple rental agreement feeling confident that if damage is done, there’s no doubt that the judge will choose in your favor. Due to choices landlords have made to charge shockingly high rental rates assuming damage and therefore covering their expected damage; if you charge too low expecting to hold your tenant accountable you will possibly get a lower standard of tenant. And if thought and time is not applied to the guidelines, you will end up with “expected damage” which for you was unexpected.


Sadly, this trend of needing to guard yourself from the unexpected, has carried over to our basic expectancy of the news being just ‘simply the news’; however . . .it is no longer ‘simply the news’. We must not mindlessly listen to what is happening in our world, instead we must train our ears and thoughts to look for the facts in each story being presented while analyzing and removing all the political and personal opinions shaping the story, many times needing to listen to more than one media organization in order to isolate the actual “facts” of the story. And then search for truth behind those facts.



Beware of any opinion based news. These articles are typically written in an attempt to try and TEAR DOWN ONE ANOTHER.  God did not call us to tear each other down even in the name of truth; he reached out in Love and Hope to save us with Truth.  Not only are there those who would proclaim to be “Truth seekers” or Truth checkers”, but there are plenty looking for opportunity to just tear others down.


Whether it is “Snopes”; who claims they research if statements made are “true” or “false”, they no longer just give a factual “true” or “false”; they give loads of opinion to support why they believe a topic is true or false in their opinionated mind.   Then you have those publishing news seeking truth for their belief in Atheism to Christianity to Patriotism. For many of these they actually do seek Truth; Truth they need in order to spin it in a way that supports their belief.


In a time where technology gives us such wonderful access to massive amounts of information and outlets for research; in a single moment doubt put in ones mind by a fabricated story can then take months to be corrected as untrue, and possibly never.   We must hold ourselves accountable for words we share whether in voice or written. Passing along lies and hate, whether known or unknown, is still our choice. What do you want to be known for:  Truth or Lies.





Lord, help me move past the excitement of passing on a story because he title supports what I believe.  Help me face the facts and the research and show accountability to truth before voicing my personal opinion not just passing along what I want to believe.      dona


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A Hurricane will truly make you think beyond your own life, into the world of those running from it’s path for survival. The Solar Eclipse made us think beyond our world, onto a solar system that includes the moon, other planets and stars that have their own activities that impact us all. Death makes us think beyond existence here on earth into a space where we hope our loved ones are safe until we see them again.


Holding the hand of my amazing Mother when she was alive her last hours on earth were the sweetest and yet saddest moment I have ever experienced. She was in pain and her emotions trapped inside a physical body that had went lifeless; all that remained was the deep longing love that I could see in her eyes as I sang to her and let her know that I knew not only did I love her and would miss her, but that I knew she loved me and would miss looking over me. They were deep emotional, bigger than life moments that I could never fully express. I believe she is in a better place with a Heavenly Father that looked over her here on earth and took her to a place where temporary bodies do not constrain or hold her back.


Maybe I believe because I want to think something breathless exists beyond this life that we are all reaching for, a place where my Mother and Father are. A place where soon my dear Grandmother will travel with expectancy to see her daughter and her husband that has passed before her. I expect soon when I see her that I will see in her eyes excitement and hope stemming from glimpses of the abyss she saw; as I try and get her to stay here and be constrained just a little bit longer for my sake.


I BELIEVE because something much bigger than myself said to believe;

my creator said to believe.



“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see the heavens opened and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man.”     Jn 1:51






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I’ve questioned recently in my life: why pray? How much of what I pray is God really interested in? Is he hanging on every word to see what I say, what I need; or is he just letting me toss along this path until I reach the end.   Yes, this is a bit dramatic, but I wanted to make a strong impact on you to create a depth I had reached.   I have prayed consistently since I was a young girl. I have read prayer books in order to pray more effectively or specifically, and have even been identified as a prayer warrior praying long and enduring for specific needs for myself and others. It all seemed to be so valuable and effective; and then my life took a turn that made me question every prayer and “believed” result.


2 Cor 10: 4-5  talks about weapons to tear down strongholds and every high and lofty thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.


James 8:32 states:

“And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.”


We must be aware and prepare for the battle consistently being fought in our minds. Defeat is a real option, so what are these weapons that will ensure we can defeat fear and sadness, depression and stress?


The WORD OF GOD IS OUR GREAT WEAPON        A promise we can count on is in John 8:31-32 “…If you abide in My Word…You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free”   We must first know the Word so that we can use it to defeat and thought or negative language spoken over us.


His Word is so powerful.

  • Know the Word and how to use it so you are prepared
  • Speak His Words of Promise to counter any false or hurtful words spoken over you
  • Speak His Words of Praise to enter his place of joy and strength
  • Speak His Words in Prayer which he promises have life
  • Sing His Words in Song to fill your soul with his spirit


These are our weapons to defeat any evil attacks on our minds. Have you prepared?

IT IS copy




Pick up a great Study Book by Joyce Meyer, Battlefield of the Mind





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There are two vital choices made multiple times throughout any relationship; in fact my belief is that these very choices are the turning point which can keep a couple bonding together tighter in love, or add to the tears that are splitting them apart.

I personally do not handle intense fighting, actually, AT ALL. Whether due to the abuse as a child that came with such intense negative passion (some don’t like to call it anger), or if I am just more sensitive to “hurt” more than others, or my tear ducts just don’t work correctly; the picture is sad and ugly. This predicament (lol) has left me in a difficult position more than once, and being one who likes peace and balance, I have been so very frustrated not being able to find a balance in managing my response of such vulnerability.

CRYING, I abhor it. If for no other reason than what it is doing to the skin around my eyes and the profound bomb of a headache that builds up in my skull, I wish I didn’t cry. That is beside the fact that I have an awful lot of pride in my composure and ability to handle life. I seem to recognize lately that with my man, I CRY. Sometimes due to my excitement of seeing him after being gone a while, and sometimes due to his passionate negative expressions toward me. And definately CRYING will get a response, from whomever you are around. CRYING: a symptom triggered by deep emotion, a response to an emotion.


CRYING presents an open door housing HOPE and FEAR.


And the response of either LOVE or SPACE decides whether I move forward in HOPE and LOVE; or if love is not offered, and instead space is created without the offer of love, then FEAR stops me from progressing.


If you choose to attack me or leave me alone with my tears, then I WILL wipe my own tears while moving further away from those who hurt me when I’m already down. I believe that this is likely the same for anyone. I understand there is a risk that “a person crying may use this as a ploy to get attention or escape their wrongdoing”; HOWEVER, we all do not see tears as a weapon, but as a vulnerability.   Again, I hate crying, and each of us should be accepted for who we are and what code we each live our own lives by.

If instead you show care and therefore offer HOPE for the possibility of continued LOVE whey faced with someone’s tears, then a HUGE risk is being taken on their part that you could use their vulnerability to abuse their heart, which is the most sacred and vulnerable part of a human being. For, nevertheless, when a heart cries, the door is automatically open and vulnerable for you to embrace or push away.




Lord: help me to “pause”,                                   before I judge the tears of someone in front of me, so IF they truly have opened a vulnerable heart I do not damage it.   And, I if they are not sincere and have taken advantage of me, I will place in your hands not only how you deal with them but the reward for my choosing to do what is right for my heart.                          dona

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